Abdominal Exercise

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Abdominis muscleCrunch animationUpper part of Rectus-Abdominis

This abdominal exercise is the most popular item for Upper part of Rectus-Abdominis muscle.


Situp animationIliopsoasThis abdominal exercise may build up whole abdominal muscle but iliopsoas muscles strongly acts, too.


Hip-Raise animationLower part of Rectus-Abdominis

Exercise for Lower part of Rectus-Abdominis muscle. Raise your pelvis without floating your upper half of body.

Twisting-Clunch, Side-Clunch

Twisting-Clunch animationSide-Clunch animation

Exercise for External-Oblique and Internal-Oblique. When you twist from left to right,Left External-Oblique and Right Internal-Oblique work.


Reverse-Crunch animationDon't Hip-Raise. Roll up your upper part of Rectus-Abdominis.


Tuck-Crunch animationCrunch + Hip-Raise.

Hanging and Rolling

Hanging and Rolling animationRaise your pelvisyour with Lower part of Rectus-Abdominis and roll up your Upper part of Rectus-Abdominis. Don't "Knee-Raise" or "Leg-Laise". If you put your back for a wall, you can do this exercise easy.