pushup animationPushup-Pectoralis major muscle Exercise

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Moving of Pectoralis major muscleBasic Form for More big your Pectoralis major muscle

It's the Best excercise at for your pectoralis major muscle at your room .Let's try Pushup!

  • pushup Angles of shoulder,elbowLook at the right picture 1~4.That's the way to make angles of Shoulder & Elbow.
  • Put up a chin as much as possible, and look at the front.
  • Keep your body streight from head to foot during movement as the lower picture.
  • And you must not move shoulder blades and must continue fixing it during movement.

pushup side

Action and Breathing of pushup

At first, absorb breath deeply so your ectoralis major muscle should be more greatly stretched at the 4 of the right illustration. And Go! 3 count for your arms straighten vomiting breath. 4 count for turnning down with absorbing breath.

Oh My God! NGs of Pushup

NGpushup1This is only bending and straightenning arms not pushup.You cannot develop pectoralis major muscle by this method.

NGpushup2If don't keep your body streight,You cannot develop pectoralis major muscle by this method too.Such a pushup called "HETARE Udetatefuse" in Japan.


NGpushup3A back forms a circle when you look at the bottom not to put up a chin. It's no possibility to develop pectoralis major muscle.Such a way is called "Showa style"