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Basic Form for Crotch-joint by Squat


Look an upper illustration.These are the most important points when you play squat.You keep your pelvis bend forward,so crotch-joint muscles "Gluteus","Hamstring",these muscles work to let a hip joint extend.A human trunk is stable when you can control a hip joint just as wanted.

Transversus abdominis & Squat

Transversus abdominisStability of human trunk make to train Transversus - abdominis muscle.Look an right illustration.When transversus abdominis muscle shrinks; such as a belt and the corset work, and stabilize a human trunk.

Position of the foot

Position of the foot

The width of the foot makes it slightly wider than the width of the shoulders.

And make the direction of the foot agree with the direction of the knee.It prevents the knee disorder to correct the direction of this knee.

Position of the foot

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Position of the foot

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